For parents

We take our educational responsibility seriously!

Discover what we offer and see for yourself:

  • Implemention of the Bayerischer Bildungsplan
  • International curriculum
  • Primary Years Programme
  • Bilingual (English/German) education through immersion
  • Excellent IB World School
  • Children from a wide range of different countries
  • Affiliated international primary school

If you have any more questions, we would be delighted to advise you on the phone: +49 89 411 149-550




Opening times and bookable hours

The International Kids Campus is open from 8.00 to 16.30 (or until 18.15 by agreement).

We are closed:

  • for three weeks in the summer holidays
  • in the Christmas holidays
  • for one week in the Easter holidays
  • on one day between a public holiday and a weekend
  • on teacher training days (5 days a year) for in-service training of our staff and further development of our educational concept.

Otherwise we are open for you and your children all year, even in the school holidays.





The International Kids Campus is open from 8.00 to 16.30 on days of service.

Booking category and parent contributions

4 - 5 hours:     € 535.-
5 - 6 hours:     € 620.-
6 - 7 hours:     € 675.-
7 - 8 hours:     € 730.-
8 - 9 hours:     € 790.-

additional costs:

registration fee: € 390.-
catering: € 105.-/month

Send enquiry


You can reserve a no-obligation place at the International Kids Campus at any time. To do so, please fill in our application form and we will then get in touch with you.

Of course you can also have a place reserved by telephoning +49 89 411 149-550. 


Tel.: +49-89-411149-550