Internationally-recognized standards of education

The IB World School Kindergarten in Munich

  • Kindergarten with international standards of education
  • Bilingual kindergarten: 50:50 for both languages
  • Affiliated international all-day school

The International Kids Campus is a special kindergarten with a concept which is unique in Munich. We combine the "Primary Years Programme" educational concept, which is highly respected internationally, with the Bayerischer Bildungs- und Erziehungsplan. All this in truly bilingual German and English. At the same time, we offer children the option of switching straight from the kindergarten to the ibsm, our affiliated all-day school which implements the identical educational concept. We can thus guarantee continuity of care and education at the highest standards in a familiar environment all the way from the age of three to the end of the primary school years.


An award – our obligation

The International Kids Campus was founded in 2007 and has been an IB World School certified by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) in Geneva since 2012. This is an award held by some 5000 schools and kindergartens worldwide. IB World Schools represent internationally-respected excellence in education, continuous further development and global exchange. Certification can be obtained only if the organization meets the stringent quality standards of the IBO and submits to the IBO’s intensive evaluation process at regular intervals.

We are proud to be a certified IBO school and pleased to commit to the associated stringent quality standards.



Mission and vision

Every child has unique potential which is ripe for development. Our bilingual kindergarten is an inspiring place for growing and learning. We offer stimulating, international and consistently bilingual surroundings in a family atmosphere. With us, children are able to develop on their own terms and give free rein to their eagerness to learn. We see ourselves as sensitive, innovative and international companions in education who support, challenge and motivate. We are united in our objective of ensuring that

  • the children develop into self-confident, socially competent individuals who are eager to learn and think globally
  • the children are able to indulge their thirst for discovery, providing them with experience-based comprehension and a deep understanding of knowledge concepts
  • the hands-on bilingual approach in English and German encourages the children to acquire well-founded skills in both languages in a natural manner
  • the school enjoys an atmosphere characterized by the mutual respect, tolerance and valuing of different cultures and religions and
  • our small kindergarten with a family atmosphere reflects the full variety of an international community



Educational Philosophy

The ibsm provides all students with an inspiring, bilingual learning environment in which they acquire a first-class international education. Our private school focuses on the individual child and his or her skills, talents and needs. Our teachers are not simply competent brokers of knowledge, they are also committed companions in learning who encourage the children to indulge their curiosity, investigate the world, ask questions and acquire global knowledge concepts.

Unlike traditional forms of teaching, the ibsm focuses on free and project work. The children investigate and discover. They actively design their learning processes in a self-determining manner which, according to the latest brain research, produces very positive learning results. Our bilingual primary school teaches the Bavarian curriculum for primary school which it combines with the internationally-recognised Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the IBO. This results in an integrated curriculum the transdisciplinary approach of which reflects the philosophy and mission of the school and brings it to life.

Our school promotes the development of each individual child:


We teach the skills required by the curriculum in an experience-based manner


We develop self-discipline, honesty, openness, tolerance, respect and the ability to deal with change


We promote intellectual curiosity, creativity and critical thinking


We reinforce self-confidence, empathy, personal initiative and a positive outlook on life


We place great emphasis on health and fitness

Thus we provide our students with effective support in:

  • seeking and finding positive solutions to challenges
  • making informed decisions
  • contributing to society with confidence
  • actively shaping their own lives and the world
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