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Accredited IB World School

Kindergarten in Munich.

  • Accredited IB World School since 2012
  • Real bilingual environment: Equal emphasis.
  • Attached full day school: Comprehensive standards.

IB World Schools:

A commitment to educational excellence.

In its fifth year of existance, 2012, the International Kids Campus was granted IB World School status by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). An accreditation, 3.500 schools around the world share and which stands for internationally renown excellence in education, continous development and global exchange.

The International Kids Campus with its attached full day school thereby is a bilingual Kindergarten in Munich that received IB World School status.

This certificate is given after passing a two-year candidate phase and a multi-day evaluation visit by the quality management of the IBO. Re-evaluation will take place every five years. More about the programmes by the IBO...

Real bilingual environment:

Equal emphasis on both languages.

We know, only a real bilingual environment will do the job. An immersion into the new language will help the children to aquire the new language as naturally as their own mother tongue. The new language needs to be everywhere - this is why we treat both languages with equal emphasis, give both languages the same time, 50:50. All children in the IKC are taught by one native english and one native german teacher.

The littlest show, that this pays off:
"After six month at the IKC my son (4) effortlessly switches from English to German - this amazes me day by day. And shames me, about all the things, I earlier thought he is not capable of..."
R. Mayer, Publisher, Singapore

Attached full day school:

Comprehensive educational standards.

You want your child to change from kindergarten to school within the same educational programme?  What is self-evident in other countries, remains a vision to this day in Germany. With our attached full day school, the International Bilingual School Munich, we wish to provide children with a smooth transition from Kindergarten to school and guarantee a fluent start onto their educational path.

Your child is an inquirer.

To keep it that way is our passion!