Excursion to Blindham

In May, children and pupils from the ibsm and the IKC went on a major excursion, with the children from the IKC visiting Blindham mountain zoo.

In great weather the IKC children and nursery teachers started off to the mountain zoo. The trip itself was exciting: big coaches picked up the little explorers at the kindergarten. Once really every rucksack and sun hat had been packed, we were able to set off. During the ride we sang and played, with the rhythm and language game "Wer hat den Keks aus der Dose geklaut?" as the absolute favourite and children from all groups joining in with great enthusiasm.

After arriving at the mountain zoo we had a snack break, and then, re-invigorated, went to look at the animals and the surroundings. Besides cute rabbits, huge wild pigs and fast ferrets, the roe deer received particular attention. We were able to feed them, and many children were brave enough to let the animals eat straight out of their hand. Some of the animals also let the children pet them, gladdening the hearts of our IKC children.

After completing our tour of woods and meadows there was enough time left to let off steam in the exciting playground. In addition to the outdoor facilities, the mountain zoo also offers a multi-storey indoor playing area. After a final snack it was time to return to the coach und travel back to Lerchenauer Straße where happy children were handed over to their parents with everybody asking “When will we go to the mountain zoo again?".

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